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The Tamil Chamber of Commerce

President’s Message s

The Tamil Nadu State government and the Central government should form a Special Task Force on agriculture comprising experts from different field of agriculture, technical, environment, scientist, water management, IAS and farmers to draw a detail plan and execution of the same within the time frame for irrigation, water management, better yield, introducing modern scientific techniques, equipments and providing better prices for the farmer’s produces and also to provide perennial solution to all the issues pertaining to farmers and to make a agriculture as a profitable venture and further to stop the suicides of farmers.

The Central Government should immediately appoint a permanent Governor for the Tamil Nadu State to ensure the stability, accessibility and credibility of the State.

 After demonetization, the Central government itself by law forces the people to change cashless system to reduce the cash transaction by using the ATMs and other online transactions. Hence, the volume of bank transactions through electronic and online is going to increase volume wise. The fundamental principal of any business is when the volume increases, the profit increase and the cost of the goods and charge of the services naturally to be reduced.  But on the contrary, it is unfair on the part of nationalized and private banks to increase the cash transaction cost and ATM and transaction through online and card systems. So all the banks should reduce the service charges at the lowest level and should not charge for cash transactions.

Most of the hotel industries are charging service charge to the consumers which is legally not acceptable (Service Tax is different as per government order) and also service to the consumer is a part of the hotel business. So that the consumers may patronize only the restaurant which is not raising service charges and also to boycott the restaurant wherever the service charges is added on the bill.

In the Tamil Nadu State, the entire government missionary and administration is under confusion due to instability. The trade, industry and other economic activities are affected which will have serious impact on the future of the State. It is better to have fresh mandate from the people for forming the new government for an effective administration and decision making for the benefit of the people, trade and industry.

As a part of an industry visit, the Chamber had visited Heritage Foods, Dairy Division, Tirupati and Bharat Electronics Ltd, Chennai and in coming days, the chamber has proposed to have more number of industry visits. I request all the members to make use of it fully.

To increase the strength of the chamber, the Membership drive has been extended upto 31st May 2017. I request every member of the Chamber to enroll atleast one new member to the chamber.  

Chozha Naachiar Rajasekar

Mr. Chozha Naachiar Rajasekar