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The Tamil Chamber of Commerce

President’s Message s

It is very unfortunate that in an advanced civilized country like U.S.A a lot of gun violence is happening in schools and the recent Florida school tragedy.  After this incident, the government should take serious view regarding the control of gun licences to avoid and safeguard the life of innocents.  Indian –American maths teacher Ms.Shanthi Viswanathan has to be appreciated for her spontaneous and quick action by saving of lot of kids in the class room during gun shooting.

The 125 Years old legal battle for Cauvery Water Dispute came to an end by the Supreme Court judgement. Even though the judgement is disappointing in reducing the quantity of water sharing to Tamil Nadu but the other rulings regarding formation of Cauvery Water Management Board and Committee for sharing water and also cleanly ruled that Cauvery river water is not an exclusive rights of any States are some key points.

The Central government should form the Cauvery Water Management Board within 6 weeks as mentioned in the judgement without any delay and ensure proper water sharing regularly as per the judgement. The Karnataka government welcoming judgement at the same time objecting the formation of the board which is ridiculous and not justifiable.

As Mr.Navaneetha Krishnan, M.P during his speech at the Parliament suggested to shift atleast a session with the approval of the house to South India is a good suggestion which will provide a window of opportunity for the Members of Parliament from West, North & East to know the tradition, heritage & culture of South India, especially Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The recent Central government budget announced various fund allocations for agriculture, rural infrastructure, health etc. but the source of funds and execution of these schemes within the time frame is not an easy task. Considering oil price increase scenario which will dent our foreign exchange, in contrast we enjoyed the downward trend of oil price for the past few years as windfall benefit.

The increase of tax payers to the Income Tax net and an increase of collection Rs.90000 crore, increase in the registration of GST show a positive trend in the tax collection. In this context the central government should reduce the tax rate in direct and indirect taxes to infuse confidents in the minds of common people, traders and industrialists.

To commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Tamil Chamber of Commerce this year and to pay tribute to the Great Chola King Rajendra Chola who formed a Naval Force to protect the maritime trade from sea pirates and identified Strategic military location at Andaman Island embarking his naval force and invaded 13 countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Srivijaya in Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia in South East Asia. King Rajendra Chola enhanced the maritime trade relations by sending business delegations to many countries one thousand years before (1000 years).

In order to honour his dedicated service to the maritime trade, shipping, creation of many ports and his achievements, The Tamil Chamber of Commerce in association with Chozha Naachiar Foundation jointly has proposed to install a King Rajendra Chola statueinside the Chennai Port at the prominent place also decided to invite the Honourable Prime Minister of India Thiru Narendra Modi along with Honourable Union Minister for Shipping & Highways and Honourable Minister of State for Shipping to unveil the statue.




Mr. Chozha Naachiar Rajasekar