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The Tamil Chamber of Commerce

President’s Message s


From the origin of earth, mankind is fighting with the nature for fulfilling his needs and requirements like food, shelter, cloth etc. and after that he moved on to comfort life due to economic and commercial development. The lifecycle of humankind has improved a lot after scientific developments and the invention of modern machinery, electric, electronic, medical equipments and instruments which was parallely lead to the destruction of nature and the environment on exploitation.

The earthquake, Tsunami, floods, drought etc came into effect because of human negligence to preserve nature which cautioned the universe at regular intervals. We damaged the environment and natural wealth upon our quest to lead a comfortable, better and luxury life. In this battle, the nature has definitely mastered the universe finally.

The nature and the human development should coexist complimenting each other like enjoying the golden eggs without killing the duck.

In the present context of epidemic Covid-19 virus have made the entire world to turn around to stand still, even the Super Power countries was affected badly and came to lockdown situation for the first time in the history of the world. Almost many countries poured money on developing military weapons to destroy among themselves which proved military power is nothing before the invisible virus.

During the Corona preventive measures by Tamil Nadu, the medical doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police department, sanitary workers and government officers dedication and execution in their work are to be appreciated.

Despite of crude oil prices fallen globally, already the Central government increased the taxes long before which lead to escalation of petrol and diesel prices. Adding fuel on to that, the State government has increased the VAT lead to rise in oil prices without passing the benefits to the consumers is unjust enrichment.  The hasty decision of Tamil Nadu government action to open TASMAC liquor shop at this juncture will leads to law and order problem and  safety and security for health issues.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had increased toll charges in tollgate at the highways which are not the right time at this juncture and it has to be withdrawn immediately.

We have to learn lessons and to explore all possibilities to lead life along with nature and environment with peace and joy instead of spending time to develop weapons. We, the current generation duty are to hand over the world with safe, secure, environment friendly to the future generation.

The lockdown lead to several new issues and possibilities for the coming generation like "Work from Home” concept and to live better way of life with respect to hygienic.

The common people below the poverty line and migrant workers were affected badly due to the spread of Covid pandemic. The Central and State governments should provide relief and take utmost care in this dreadful situation to these people.

The trade and industry is very much affected due to lock down and the economic growth has worsened significantly. The government has to come with financial relief packages, waiver of taxes and to take immediate measures on warfoot basis to restore the economy on wheel.

The agricultural sector should be given top priority and the government should initiate procurement of agricultural producers from the farmers directly giving fair prices to the farmers.

The sudden exit of multinational companies of countries like Japan, USA, Korea and European countries from China are exploring opportunities in other countries like India to invest. The same should be utilized by the Indian government this situation and to take advantage by tapping the potential foreign investment effectively by constituting Task Forcefor bringing investments and industries to the country. The Tamil Nadu State government has to take initiative for getting foreign investment and to prepare the industry cluster in such a way to start the industries in Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Chozha Naachiar Rajasekar