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The Tamil Chamber of Commerce

Calendar of Events

15-04-1976 Meeting with Sri K.Narasimhan, Member, Central Board of Customs and Excise.
05-05-1976 Sri S.R.Metha, Chairman, Central Board of Direct Taxes was conferred "Padmabhushan” – Chamber felicitates.
10-05-1976 Sri M.V.Arunachalam becomes FICCI President – Chamber felicitates.
15-07-1976 The Doyen of Industry and Trade Dr.A.Ramaswamy Mudaliar passes away. Chamber condoles the demise.
15-11-1976 Sri A.C.George, Union Minister for Civil Supplies and Cooperation inaugurates 33rd Annual Session – Sri A.B.Ananthakrishnan, President Welcomes – Sri T.N.Seshan, I.A.S., spoke on Infra-Structure for Industrial Development.
17-03-1977 Sri A.B.Ananthakrishnan, President of the Chamber was elected Chairman of the Consultative Committee of City Chambers of Commerce for the year 1977-78. Chamber planned to hold a Seminar in Infrastructure for Industrial Development of Tamilnadu In cooperation with the Industries Department Felicitation to Sri Morarji Desai on his election as Prime Minister of India.
11-08-1977 Symposium on ‘Direct Tax Reforms and Palkhiwala Committee” –Sri D.Rangaswamy, Vice-President, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal presided – Sri A.B.Ananthakrishnan, President of the Chamber Welcomed – Sri P.R.Venkatachalam delivered Key Note  Address – Sri G.Narayanaswamy summed up – Others speakers  were Sri V.Ramachandran, Sri K.Srinivasan, Sri N.C.Krishnan,  Sri N.Srinivasan and Sri M.R.Narayanan – Submitted  comprehensive memorandum to Direct Tax Laws Committee.
06-11-1977 Exhibition of documentary film "India’s Industry comes of Age”produced by FICCI in connection with its Golden Jubilee to members of City Chambers.

Felicitation to Sri M.G.Ramachandran on his Election as the  Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

14-11-1977 "Steep increase of Property Tax in Madras City” – Our Chamber submitted a detailed Memorandum to Corporation of Madras.
23-12-1978 Felicitation to Sri A.B.Ananthakrishnan, President of our  Chamber at Hotel Taj Coromandel, Madras, on his appointment as Sheriff of Madras by Committee of Hosts presided over by Sri M.G.Ramachandran, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.